Welcome To Fantastic Meats

Our goal at Fantastic Meats is to supply the consumer with high end exotic and fantastic meats. Our team travels trans-dimensionally across time and space to hunt the most exotic and fantastic game. We offer every thing from unicorn steaks to big foot flanks. You may never see a mythical creature in your life, but with the help of Fantastic Meats you can eat one!

Each order is processed and delivered by our gnome day laborers. All shipments go out via USP. For an extra cost we can teleport your meat selection to you, this requires several costly reagents however, so be prepared for that extra cost.

We accept all major credit cards and Paypal. Please no checks.


If you are reading this then perhaps you should stop right now. The team at Fantastic Meats will not be held liable for any ill effects produced by our exotic and fantastic selection of the multiverse's rarest meats. If you order some of our delicious product don't be suprised if it tastes like chicken, pork, beef, poultry, lamb, tofu or some other meat you have already had. If you have any complaints feel free to contact us.