Unicorn's are reknown for their soft, sweet meat. Natives to the land of Narnia often say "Unicorns taste like Peppermint because of their sweet nature."

Unicorn Steak - (This is the item of the week!) Unicorn steaks are a inexpensive cut and packed full of flavor. Add some parsley or some sprigs of thyme to really liven this dish up. $2000.00 a pound.

Unicorn Horns - These rarest horns in the animal kingdom are prized for their aphrodisiac effects and curative properties. Don't be fooled by immitators. Do yourself and your wife, husband, or lover a favor and order one today! $14,500.00 a piece.


Manticore Meat is hunted in the far off world of Toril. The Manticore is perhaps one of the deadliest animals we hunt here at Fantastic Meats. It's sheer power, magical ability, and cunning intelect make it a formidable, but delectable foe. Manticore is seasonal and the meat is selling fast so order now!

Manticore Andoullie Sausage - This sausage is made from 100% manticore parts and is packed with our secret blend of herbs and spices. Only $25,000.00 a pound.

Manticore Ribeye - Nine out ten butchers would agree that the rib eye is the most flavorful cut of meat, and the other one out of ten are probably the fake butchers you meet at Fred Meyers or Safeway. Order this prime cut before it sells out. $45,000.00 a pound.


Griffins are majestic, noble, and delicious animals. A creature with the head and talons of the eagle and the body of the lion. That's a lot of flavor, and the only way to pack it all into one bite is to eat a baby griffin. Whole baby griffins taste great with cheddar cheese, pickles, and mayo between a kaiser bun. They are on sale now for $2500.00 a piece. Wan't a discount? Purchase griffin eggs at $1000.00 a piece or $1100.02 a dozen!


Chupacabra is reportedly half man, half dog, all flavor. This delicious beast is full of vitamins and protien thanks to it's 100% diet of goat blood. Chupacabra Ground Chuck Steak is in stock and being offered at the low price of $4562.53 a pound.

Tiger Sharks

Tiger Sharks are perhaps the most desirable commodity in rural Ethiopa today. Half tiger, half shark, full flavor! Order the raw filets today. $26,000.00 a pound.

Big Foot

Big Foot Flanks are a musky dark meat harvested in the forests of the North Western United States. Don't be fooled by this savory creatures aroma, the taste is intense! Order now at this special price. $2500.00 a pound.

Magic Bacon

Magic Bacon. Everyone loves bacon, but that's only because they've never had magic bacon. Don't ask where it comes from, because we won't tell you. $1.2 Million a pound.

Deviled Ham

Deviled Ham. This ham comes straight from hell to your table! Brimstone flavor added artificially. $2643.00 a Can.


Dragon Meat, once a year our team of wizards plans a safari to the far reaches of dragon country to do battle and harvest the most delicious and expensive meat the cosmos has to offer. Prices and selection vary each year, but if you have to ask, you can't afford it... This item is currently out of stock!